Sunday, October 04, 2009

Twenty Four Weeks!

It's been a big week - Rupes got home on Monday, so lovely to see him and have him home again. We had a work function on Wednesday, and Thursday night I did my first deep aqua class - it was great, harder than I thought it would be but felt nicely weary and tired when I got home. In addition to all that work has been crazy busy, so it's been a balancing act between getting done what was needed to at the office and still getting enough rest at home.

Baby girl is active! Am loving it...feeling her moving just gives me a thrill and it's neat to lay there (or sit there) and feel her kicking around or moving positions. Such a reassuring and exciting feeling - to know that she is doing well inside me and soon she'll be out to say howdy. Well. Maybe she won't say that for a while, but the time to wait is starting to feel really short. Only something like 16 weeks to go!


Anonymous CAT said...

..16 weeks will fly by!! Especially with Christmas in there as well!!! Best start thinking of names then... :-)

2:32 PM  

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