Monday, August 31, 2009

An interesting weekend...

It started well with a lovely dinner out on Friday night to celebrate Rupert's birthday, then a Saturday in the garden. I was pottering around, planting out cuttings, tidying up, while Rupes worked on the main task of emptying the barrel which has housed our goldfish, pulling out the rock garden and taking out the tree that was growing there.

We didn't think any of the goldfish had survived winter, so imagine our surprise to find 3 still alive and lurking in the depths - into a bucket they went with the intention of buying a small inside fishtank for them to live in. Meantime, Rupes has the tree almost out, bent over and jumping on it to bounce the main root out of the ground when disaster struck - his foot slipped and within a minute his ankle was swollen and it was off to our local clinic for x rays. No break as far as they could tell, but a very serious strain, so he is now in plaster and on crutches!

On Sunday I had to work, so Muzz took Rupes back to get his cast checked and then they popped into the pet store and bought the tank. Unfortunately, when they went outside to get the goldfish from the bucket it became apparently that one of the cats had a very nice meal, thank you very much! So now my next job is to pop to the pet store and buy some fish to go into the new tank LOL. Honestly. Men. You think they would have checked the fish first!

Poor Rupes - he sees the specialist on Thursday and until then is unable to put any weight on his foot, drive a car, or do anything else that requires two legs and hands free! Thank goodness for Murray who is running with Toby for us, and I can walk Miss Katie in the evenings!

We have the anatomy scan on Wednesday morning and I can't wait - it's going to be so lovely to see the baby together, and hopefully we might find out boy/girl. I feel like I am pushing out more and more each day - am even finding my baggy old trackpants a little uncomfortable so tend to walk around at home with the tummy sticking out! Highly attractive!


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