Sunday, August 09, 2009

Shopping time

Before I was pregnant I would find it really hard to go into baby shops...or shops with baby sections. It just really hurt. Even a month ago I found it I was tempting fate. But necessity won out - I've been struggling with clothes as things just aren't fitting very well anymore! So I did some shopping today - got a couple of tops, some maternity jeans and a cute skirt. Then I went to the baby store and oohed over the cots and room sets - though we have been given so much stuff I don't need to buy anything quite yet - we already have a cot and portacot and Moses basket and change table and high chair. Just need to get some new mattresses. All that stuff is sitting up in our small bedroom waiting for me to have the energy to put it together.

It felt sooo good to be just like all the other pregnant women wandering around those stores. So good to check out the wee blankets, the wee sleep sets and the cute clothes and not think of loss. The women would smile at each other and check out the tummies of others they met in the aisles. It was like finally belonging to a club that I never thought I'd be part of.

Yesterday I had a few hours in the garden - it was finally sunny and I finally had a whole weekend off work. It felt good to get some work done out there, and the boys did a lot of pruning and cutting down trees we didn't want while I replanted my vege garden. It was a nice way to spend that 16 week milestone.

I still seem to get really tired, though that is definately easing. The naturopath is very pleased with my progress and now has me weaning off his wonder herbs through until 20 weeks, and then I will go back at 30 weeks for help with the birth and the baby's health post birth. Still not quite sure I believe in everything he says, but it can't hurt, and may help. So...all good at my end, and getting bigger by the day :-)


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