Saturday, September 26, 2009

Another week down

It's been a good week -busy, but good. Saw my doc on Wednesday for a check up and all is fine, they aren't worried about the lack of weight gain but apparently I should eat as much as I like plus some! I took that to heart last night when I went out with friends for a birthday dinner for one of our mates - amazing restaurant and gorgeous food. Got home at 12 and couldn't believe I'd stayed awake that long! Feeling a little weary today so a quiet day at home doing some chores is in order.

Our wee girl has been pretty active this week - some good hard kicks that make me gasp when it's a sensitive spot - much to the amusement of our admin team when it happened in the middle of a meeting! I've also had my first night of her waking me up wiggling and moving - I just laid there and smiled and talked to her. It's just amazing to feel her move inside me and to know that we are now at 23 weeks and in something like 17 weeks she will be here. I am so truly blessed.

Rupert has been in Germany this week and is on his way home - he'll get back Monday morning and I cannot wait to see him. It's been a long trip for him, and I have missed him so much!

I bought a maternity swimsuit on line - and it arrived and fits well (as well as anything fits over a bump like I have) so am looking forward to getting into some water exercise. That will start towards the end of next week when the craziness at work subsides a little!


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