Sunday, August 23, 2009

Another week passes

It was a very busy week - but mostly good! Bump is still growing and I have decided to make the internets wait for a bump picture until 20 weeks - I think I look more fat than pregnant right now! Health wise, still having days of weariness and times of indigestion but am mostly fine. Still having physio for my sore calf - which is driving me nuts - and poor hubby is having to massage the aches every night so I can sleep. Last night I just couldn't get to sleep and tossed and turned till midnight at which point he woke up and massaged my leg and I fell asleep almost right away. What a man!

Had a few hours in the garden yesterday - so nice to be in the sunshine, but felt very tired by the time mid afternoon came around so had an afternoon Nana nap...woke up very groggy but really needed the snooze. On Friday night we went to see the new Harry Potter (well, new to us, the rest of the world has already seen it) which was fun - first movie outing since I got pregnant. However, was desperately uncomfortable and fidgety (sorry Muzz and Rupes) and have decided no more movies unless they are at home - at least watching a DVD I can lay on the floor and sit different ways without getting all achy and sore. Good movie though!

Coming up this week - more interview for my replacement at work (I'm going to continue part time after a couple of months of training my new person) and then my next obstetrician appointment on Wednesday.


Blogger Mony said...

I am loving "reliving" pregnancy with you! I try & remember what it felt like sometimes...and your posts are making say "Ohh YES! That's what it felt like!"
I loved being the pregnant lady in the grocery queue. People look at you & treat you special. I loved that. I recall wondering if I was having a boy or a girl (we never found out beforehand) and someone said to listen to my gut instinct....I KNEW I was having a girl. I just knew it. Ha!

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