Thursday, August 27, 2009

Things I love to hear...

Do you know what you are having? - complete stranger at the mall the other day.

Your risk of any defects is now 1 in 530 - obstetrician at yesterday's appointment

Whoosh whoosh whoosh - baby's heartbeat through my little monitor

What a gorgeous baby - obstetrician at yesterday's quick scan

My check up appointment yesterday was fine - blood pressure, pee samples all good. She took me off for a very quick scan - baby is getting so big, and looking so cute. Could see the chest rising and falling with the heartbeat, and the arms moving around. She did try for a quick look between the legs but baby was not cooperating - legs crossed and feet drawn up, so no luck. Maybe next week at the 20 week anatomy scan! I don't think I have felt baby move yet - but to be honest, I have a fairly gassy noisy tummy at the best of times so it could be doing laps down there and I wouldn't know yet!


Blogger eden said...

"What a beautiful baby .." - that is such a lovely thing for a doc to say!!! OMG Pix I'm so so so happy for you. And excited. And overjoyed. YESSSSS.

PS I vote boy.

11:52 AM  

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