Saturday, September 19, 2009

22 weeks...

Well - my belly measures 120cm today. Weight gain is around 4 kilos in total - not quite sure why so low as I seem to eat everything in sight some days! And apart from being really really tired this week all has been good.

A few nights ago I was laying in bed, surfing on my blackberry, wishing Rupert was home - and she started moving. So I was talking to her...and when I talked she moved, and when I stopped talking she stayed still. We had about 15 minutes of that before I had to roll over to get more comfy! Lovely! Had movements pretty much every day to some degree, and her heartbeat is checking out fine every day (though she sometimes takes a bit of finding!)

It's been a full week of training and quiet nights at home walking the dogs, feeding myself (I seem to have a thing for cheese right now) and early nights with good books. I babysat our neighbour last night - he is such a good boy, and went to bed at 7.30 with no hassles at all. He's 2 in January and it's fun wondering what he will make of our baby when she arrives :-)

Went for a long walk with Katie this afternoon, and wore myself out, so poor Toby only got a shorter walk. I'll have to work tomorrow on some accounting stuff, so hopefully I will feel better and more energetic than I did this morning when I basically only got up to get food and drinks and stayed in bed till around 11! I never do that, but it was lovely!

So, 22 weeks. 18 to go - and a lot of growing to do yet I assume - I had to let my pregnancy jeans out by a button on each side this week! It's so fun seeing my bump!


Anonymous CAT said...

Mmmm Cheese!!!! I always have a thing for cheese... loving logging in and reading your updates dear sister.. keep it up!!! :-)

2:22 PM  

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