Sunday, August 16, 2009

17 weeks...

Apart from the emotional/giddy with joy/cannot quite believe it/oh my god it's happening feelings, I am finding the whole process of pregnancy quite fascinating. And my body's reaction to that process. I've got a couple of those week by week books, and every Saturday I read the next chapter. So, I know that from this point on the baby starts to put on fat, and get those gorgeous chubby wee legs and arms. Which may explain why I woke up this morning tired and absolutely starving and have done nothing but eat all morning! Weight gain at this point is 2 kilos, and the books say 2.5 to 4.5 kilos is normal. I figure baby is living off some of my own fat stores and is welcome to them!

The boys (hubby and flatmate) are away this weekend with a group of mates to do the Rotorua Tough Guy/Gal challenge - 6 or 12kms through mud, ditches, crawling under obstacles. Rupert was very stoked to come in first out of our group down there. I decided to stay home to look after the dogs and just relax a bit, and it has been nice. Yesterday I went to visit a girlfriend who has just had a wee boy - he is gorgeous, and it was so lovely to see him and hold him without all those old feelings of inadequacy and jealousy. Then dropped in to see my Dad and stepmum - their birthdays this week, and then up to my neighbours to watch a DVD (secret life of bees, loved the book, thought the movie was a very good rendering)...

So, here I am at 17 weeks and 1 day. And really really looking forward to the next scan at 20 weeks, but am also enjoying having a heart beat monitor on hire so I can listen to the baby whenever I feel the need. That wee swooshing noise has got to be the best noise in the world until baby actually arrives!


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