Sunday, September 13, 2009

The best feeling in the world...

I can feel her! It really started yesterday, when Rupes and I were out running errands. We were waiting for a replacement TV (did I mention we got burgled??) and I'd sat down on a chair to rest. And good strong kick to the inside of my tummy. It was the first definite movement I had felt - and oh it was wonderful. I cried a little. Later that afternoon I felt a whole flurry of movements - deep down in my belly. She really is in there! I seem to only feel them down in my groin - I guess because my lower belly is quite numb from all the surgeries - but it feels so good to know she is there and moving and growing! It has been such a reassurance having the heart beat monitor so I can listen to her every day - but suddenly this all feels very real.

Another thing that happened this week was receiving a letter from our local hospital thanking me for choosing to deliver there, and giving me my patient number. I have a patient number! I am in the system! They are EXPECTING me!!! Me!

It's been a good week - training my replacement at work, who is doing great, and a few more weeks should see me able to start taking it a little easier. Rupert flew out last night for 2 weeks in the UK and Germany - I cried at the airport. I'm used to him travelling - and it's not a problem, but I just felt really sad. When he gets back I will be 23 weeks pregnant! I'm so gonna miss him though - but it is great having Muzz still with us for both company and a bit of a hand with the dogs and chores. He's a blessing right now :-)

On Friday night the boys went off for a movie night out - so I went over to visit a girlfriend who has two wee girls. I was treated to a nearly five year old tantrum (how on earth do mothers keep a straight face while the foot is being stamped up and down) and later to a special show where she danced and fished a banana from the sea. I kept looking at the two girls and thinking - wow, this is really happening to me, I have all of this to look forward to.

I'm at work today, doing some accounting work that I am behind on - and as I have sat here and typed this I've had another two or three movements.

I do know how lucky I am. Every day is so precious with this little miracle. I hope she will always know just how loved she is.


Blogger Capital Mom said...

Hi, I'm visiting from Edenland. Congrats on your pregnancy! That is a lovely picture of you.

10:55 AM  

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