Sunday, October 18, 2009

Baby's room

Yesterday after taking the dogs to Wag n Walk (lots of fun, dogs are still recovering) we fit in a visit to the furniture store. We bought the chest of drawers and bookcase - they match, the colour is just a bit strange in the room! I'd already got the change table in white as well, and the cot is whitewashed, so right now the room looks a bit neutral! Planning on a bright rug, some wall art (maybe her name in big pink letters) and once we have sheets etc on the cot and a foam pad on the change table it should be good. The chest of drawers has one wee stretch and grow in it, plus some blankets and sheets I was given, so I need to start thinking about what else I need. Months yet though right?

Must admit to a few tears - setting up the bookshelf especially. The teddy bear on the top right hand side is mine from when I was 6 years old and we stopped in Sydney on the way to New Zealand. 37 years later I finally get to give it to my daughter. Same with the books - they were ones I loved as a girl, and I've always wanted to be able to share them. I know it will be a while before she will be reading them herself, but I read and talk to her now and I don't think it really matters what the material is :-)

Yesterday we also visited the hospital to see where it will all happen in roughly 14 weeks. It all looked fine - especially the tubs! Am looking forward to those...and I guess the rest of it will happen how it happens! No point worrying about that now :-)

It was a tough week at the office last week - we had a major burst pipe which took out the phone system - I managed to save the server from the downpour! So our financial team is a little behind - we have three computers linked directly to the server and using a vodem for internet access so I think this week is going to be a little interesting - I certainly won't be able to work full time as I currently don't have a computer!

What I am nervous/excited about is the email I got from my co worker Aasta on Friday afternoon - telling me to be ready to follow another co worker on Monday afternoon to a secret location for my work baby shower. I've never been to a baby shower - and certainly not my own! I'm terrified...hehe. They are such sweethearts. I'll tell all about it in the next post...time to go rest up a little, been busy all day sorting the baby's room and heading off to our lovely neighbours for a cool spa and takeaways tonight!


Blogger edenland said...

Oh Pix. You beautiful woman. I'm so, so elated for you mate, truly. Wow. That teddy! So gorgeous! Wow. You are having a baby girl soon. Just beautiful.

I hope your takeaway was yummy, and I especially hope you have a magnificent surprise baby shower tomorrow. You so deserve it.


PS What the hell is a Wag n Walk??

12:11 AM  

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