Saturday, July 22, 2006

Starting to feel it...

Last night's injections went fine - we were in the middle of cooking dinner so we put it all on simmer and popped in to the bedroom to do the shots. I did the first one, and got Rupes to prepare the Gonal for me. Then in it went, and all fine. We had a quiet night - watched a silly old movie (Dragnet, Tom Hanks was sooo cute when he was young)

Woke up at 5.35 am - my morning shots are a perfect time during the week but not so good at the weekend! Got out of bed and did my Buserelin, while DH cuddled up with Katie and told her what a brave girl Mummy was! We read for a while then he got up, so there was all the girls having a lay in - two cats, the dog and me! Luxury!

Feeling quite fluey today, and my abdomen seems a little swollen and achy. I've had the odd pain in my ovary area so I can only hope it's the ovaries reacting to the stimulation. Fingers crossed, first blood test isn't till Monday so a wee while to wait.

Here's Katie...I was holding her bone, so it wasn't really me she was looking lovingly at! We met a staffy terrier called Penny in the park yesterday so Katie got worn out running after her. Which was good, as it meant everyone (cats included) slept through the whole night, apart from me waking up at 1am to cough! Posted by Picasa


Blogger Mony said...

...well the action certainly is heating up!
Next week is very busy for us cycle sista's!
Aren't you LUCKY meeting a Staffy? My very favourite kind of pooch. Infact, I met a staffy in the hallway this morning! Miss Janis who had slept on the lounge all night! (My Baby staffy girl and Number one "Friend Friend". Woof Katie!

10:15 AM  
Blogger ellie said...

Ah yes the bloating. I'll break it to you gently-- you will look puffy for a short time. By the time I did my trigger shot I felt like I had a SUV tire around my belly.

Katie is darling! Isn't it great when they meet a friend. I have begun exchanging numbers with other puppy parents for coordinated play dates-- the dogs love it and get exhausted- and I get to meet new people. Good luck on monday and I am hoping the best for you this week!

2:36 AM  
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