Sunday, July 02, 2006

Delay Perhaps...

Spoke to my nurse on Friday and my doc wants me to take a couple more blood tests before they start me off, and possibly a scan. I was so bummed out, but then I figure he is just being really careful, and what is the point of diving in with the meds and injections if the conditions aren't right to start with. So...while there were a few tears on Friday I figured out today that if we only have one chance left, make it the best chance possible. It's amazing how therapeutic painting the fence is - I get so much thinking done out there. Only about eight more hours and I'll be done painting and we'll be ready to start on the garden.

DH built a lovely side gate so Katie can now pretty much run the whole back garden off her leash. We've been taking her for walks around Shepherds Park which is very near us, and hubby met some other dog owners today who told him that 4pm on the lower field is "doggy time" - so that's where we'll be heading after work tomorrow. Should be fun - though rain is forecast! All is good with her and the cats though, we are definately making progress in that area. Katie has now chewed gently on both cat's tails and NOT been clouted for it!...

Speaking of are some ways of saying "bark" in other languages

Albanian - ham, ham
Arabic - haw, haw
Armenian - haf, haf
Bulgarian - bau-bau (бау-бау); jaff, jaff (джаф-джаф)
Catalan - bup, bup
Croatian - vau, vau
Czech - haf, haf
Danish - vov, vov
Esperanto - boj, boj
Estonian - auh, auh
Finnish - hau, hau; vuh, vuh
French - ouah, ouah; ouaf, ouaf
German - wuff, wuff; wau, wau


Blogger ellie said...

I am sorry to hear of the delays-- but I like the idea the that doctor is being really careful. It sounds like he is aware of the risks and truly has your best interest in mind. I mean if you only get one shot-it sounds like he is trying to get the best possible circumstances. I think you have a good outlook on it all. But I know the waiting can be tough. Hugs to you-while ya wait! And good luck on your garden.

3:15 AM  
Blogger soralis said...

Sorry about the delay, but I am glad your clinic is doing the best for your cycle.

Take care and good luck

4:31 PM  
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