Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Funny Dog Stories

Ok...three things I thought of to tell you (while I have been home from work feeling fluey and coldy and generally crappy)

First - Katie has stolen the cat's toy mouse - you know the one where you pull the string and they vibrate across the floor? She was just playing with it (she goes and gets it from the shelf where it lives) and she has figured out if she holds the string part in her teeth and shakes her head really hard the mouse part will fly out and then BUZZ right back in. It's even more fun if you pull the string for her!

Second - hubby always accuses me of being an anal retentive accountant type - used to throw magazines on the floor just to see how long it would take till I broke and went nuts. What is apparently bad in me, is appealing in Katie - she files our outdoor shoes and her outdoor toys into the boxes on the deck. And she just filed toy mouse into the wood basket. A girl after my own heart!

Third - park walks are fun. Especially when the park has been partly dug up to put drainage in. And it's been raining. And digging holes is your favourite thing to do. Especially when the mud is nice and soft and squishy.

Thank goodness we have a closed off covered deck where she can dry off before coming back inside!!! Puppy school again tomorrow - yay!


Blogger soralis said...

The mouse thing sounds so cute!

Enjoy 'school'

Take care

2:58 PM  
Blogger StellaNova said...

I love a good dog story. We have 2 and they are hours of entertainment.

I start Gonal-F on the 20th, so it looks like we'll be cycling at pretty much the same time.

Good luck to you.

6:16 PM  
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