Sunday, July 16, 2006

One more day...

One more scan tomorrow morning, and then I start my first injections. The Buserelin is easy - pretty tiny needle and only a tiny amount, into the tummy twice a day. On Wednesday I start the Gonal F which comes in a groovy wee pen and is a bit scarier! It will be really interesting to see the side effect from that as I am on a much higher dose than last time. I organised all my medications this morning so I have everything to hand...just hoping the scan is fine so the doc gives me the go ahead.

I spoke to an acupuncturist last week who specialises in fertility acupuncture. Really nice lady, originally from Chicago, and we had a good chat. Upshot of that is we have decided to have pre and post implantation acupuncture, which has some really good success rates. We will either go see her on the way to the hospital, and on the way back, or she will come with us and do it all there. I feel pretty good about that - although I do wonder how many more needles I will have to inflict on myself, what with all the injections and blood tests and now acupuncture. I have this image of drinking too much water and springing lots of little leaks!

Have almost shaken off this darn cough/cold/flu - we ended up having a very quiet weekend and cancelling all outings - I just felt really tired and lethargic so it was nice to have some time out. Katie has had some nice walks in the park and has been taken off her leash to play with the other dogs, she was a bit scared at first apparently but is now loving it. DH is working this afternoon so I will take her up later to enjoy some afternoon sunshine. And if you ask me what love is, I will tell you that love is DH going out on Friday night at 11.30pm to the gas station to buy me some cough medicine! What a man he is :-)

So, that's the update. Am quite looking forward to getting this show on the road, have read FAR too many blogs this weekend and have either depressed the heck out of myself or gotten all excited! Ahhh the's amazing what you can find out there!


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