Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hope..and hoping

Well, it does feel good to be back in the injection phase again - though last night's Buserelin injection really stung. I must learn not to pull it out again when it hurts and just grit my teeth and inject it. Or I end up with an extra hole! I iced my tummy this morning before injecting which seemed to help. My skin just feels a bit tougher than last time...a bit harder to push the needle in. Still, all in a good cause!

DH and I took Katie to the park last night - it was so much fun. We met a guy who has a seven month old black lab that is in training to become a guide dog. They had a good romp around and she was all tuckered out. We had her off her leash for a while, throwing the tennis ball for her to fetch. Fetch means she should bring it back to you - ummm no. Fetch to Katie means she goes and gets the ball, runs back towards us and then at the last minute veers off and lays down a good way away. Then, if we are very lucky, and make our voices all happy and appealing, she'll run back to us. All good fun!

I've been thinking about hope this week. About how hoping against the odds sometimes seems so natural, and sometimes so hard. Right now, I feel very hopeful about this cycle. I liked my doc saying "we are throwing everything we have at it". I like the fact we have an acupuncturist on hand for the transfer, and that nothing about these injections is new and scary so I don't have to deal with that. I like the Woman's Day horoscope for Pisces this week which says

"Babies and children will fill the thoughts and dreams of many Pisceans. With creative stars powering and fertility enhanced, it's time either to take extra care or go for it!"

Funny, I never read horoscopes normally, but any sign from the cosmos out there is a good sign. It just adds into that little store of hope that I am building up, because I know I will need that little store when hope fades and I start feeling like this is a dream that may not happen.


Anonymous Meri-ann said...

Despite everything we need hope, if we didn't have it then we'd never put ourselves through this roller coaster in the first place....
Good luck!

10:51 PM  
Blogger soralis said...

Good luck!!! I am so hoping this cycle works for you.

Take care

8:46 AM  
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