Friday, June 23, 2006

We have Liftoff

I'm writing this at the office as my boss just told me I needed to update my website! Aren't I lucky to have such an understanding boss? Seriously, he really is a great guy (ok, Martin, you can stop reading now!)

The blood test yesterday was good enough for the doc to call me in this morning for an urgent scan. He was really pleased with the way things looked (though all I saw were blobs and shades of grey on the screen!). So, upshot is I am back on the birth control pill from today, and injections will start in 2-3 weeks. The nurse will call me with our dates next week.

Another thing I am planning on doing this cycle is talking to an acupuncturist - there have been some interesting studies done overseas showing that acupuncture pre and post implantation can increase the odds of a successful pregnancy. Rupes read about it in New Scientist magazine, and I have a pile of info from a lady who does fertility acupuncture. I mentioned it to my nurse and she thought it would be a good idea, and they will allow me some extra time after the implantation to have my acupuncturist come in. One study showed an increase in successful pregnancies in all age groups from 25% to 42% - nice odds for me!

So, nice news for a Friday afternoon - nice to have an answer and a plan going forward. The uncertainty was driving me nuts. They plan to start me off at a higher dosage of stims to try and avoid the small follicles and too few from last cycle.

We have quite a bit on this weekend but it's all good fun stuff, and with the weather being so cold, it will be nice to curl up during the quiet moments with Katie the Puppy and a good book!

On the Katie front - she has her final immunisation next week, and then starts Puppy Class the day after. She is too cute - she drives us nuts at times, but she is very playful and is gradually learning a few things (like tugging on Mummy's skirt when she gets home from work is definately a no-no!) And she really likes snuggling up on the bed with us in the mornings and evenings...awww.


Anonymous Meri-ann said...

Yay, all systems are go!! I hope that this cycle is the one for you, and I'm also seriously thinking of doing the acupuncture as well; I figure anything's worth a shot!

9:37 PM  
Anonymous JoeD said...

Hello Piixixixixixixie - nice to see you are feeling a little better. At the same time it is a little painful to see friend with her hormones all askew. It must be very difficult, so I pray that all this will someday be worth it, and you will one day hold your very own wee little one in your arms. Good luck with the acupuncture - don't some people use that to quit smoking as well??? By the way, your boss IS very understand to let you go online to update personal sites on company time. My boss would have me drawn and quartered if he so much as catches me playing space invaders..!!

3:50 AM  
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