Saturday, July 25, 2009

Woo hoo Second Trimester is fourteen weeks, and according to most books, the beginning of the second trimester. Wow. The second trimester! How exciting is that!

Hubby got home from the US on Wednesday - such a relief having him home while I am still really tired and hitting the sack around 7pm most evenings. It's just bliss having him home - not just for the help with the house and dogs...but just having him there. Lovely. And it means our flatmate Muzz has someone to talk to when I sneak off to bed!

So...I am still very tired in the afternoons and evenings. Some days are better than others, there seems to be no real rhyme or reason to it. I am getting a lot of twinges - I assume these are growth or stretching - round ligament pain type things. Not pleasant but usually eased by a change in position. I've had a lot of burping - much to the amusement of my co workers. Not so pleasant after taking my naturopath pills - those things are nasty on the way back up! Apart from that, only a little nausea occasionally and a bit of reflux. All in all I think I've been pretty lucky so far.

Mid week we see our obstetrician for our routine appointment - Rupes is coming with me so I hope we get to do a quick scan or at least have a listen to the heartbeat. I can feel my uterus now below my belly button - so that's quite exciting. Or maybe only if you are me and any sign is an exciting one! Tummy is definately sticking out now. I pat it a lot :-)

Emotionally - all over the show. So hopeful, so excited, cannot believe this is happening. But at the same time nervous - is that fibroid going to interfere, is that twinge the start of something bad, I don't feel tired - am I going to lose the baby? Those kinds of thoughts - usually at around 2am when those dark fears can creep in. All I can do is keep marking off the days and weeks and take comfort in the fact that this baby is growing well. I am so blessed.


Blogger Mony said...

Post a picture of yourself when you are ready. OMG the best part of being pregnant for me (besides the obvious) was Maternity clothes. I adored wearing gigantic outfits! I had wicked heartburn...remember my ode to Mylanta? Must find that old was hilarious, if I do say so myself!

1:35 PM  
Blogger Mony said...

Ha! Pix I found it!

My Tribute to.....Mylanta

My innards growl all night and day,
Intestines...bowel in disarray.
Belching acid on the hour,
...regretting what I did devour.
Indigestion! Oh so dire!
My Oesophagus! It burns like fire!
MYLANTA! ....mystic tummy fixer,
Chalky white, supreme elixir.
How I crave your offensive taste,
Spoonfuls gulped with messy haste.
You alleviate the torment well,
And rescue me from heartburn hell.
My trusty friend.... all bottled blue,
Sweet reflux slayer...I heart you.

1:47 PM  
Blogger Soralis said...

I am so happy for you! Good Luck

3:39 PM  
Blogger eden said...


F*ck where have I been I'm so sorry. This week I shall update my blogroll and I will NEVER miss a post again.

That 3D picture of your bubba. Made me tear up. So so so so so happy for you.

And, the dark thoughts at 2am .... I can so relate. Let us be strong and not listen to our heads at that time .... in the light of morning, it never feels that bad, huh!!

Love to you and Rupes and the bubba. XOXOXOXOX

10:34 PM  

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