Thursday, July 30, 2009

Toucha Toucha Toucha Touch Me...

Earlier this week I went to an awards breakfast - lots of folks there both from the franchise I work for and a lot of folks I know from other offices. About half way through the morning tea I realised that my tummy was getting patted and stroked a lot! And...I really liked it! I didn't find it intrusive or offensive at all - it was just people who cared about me showing their joy in this baby. Kinda nice :-) I mean - I pat my bump all the time, but it's lovely when other friends do too!

Hubby and I saw the obstetrician yesterday - she is pleased with progress and gave us a quick scan - baby waved at Daddy! He/she was sitting bum down, legs up, and despite coughing I couldn't get him or her to move to a better angle. But I must say how cute peanut (or mini P) looked! After that appointment I went and had my blood drawn for the maternal serum test which will hopefully give us a good result and get us up over that 1 in 300 risk factor (currently 1 in 290). I don't have a lot of anxiety over that, I think the NT scan really showed that my risk was very low considering my age.

One of my blogging buddy's of old, Mony, shared her poem for Mylanta with me (below) written when she was pregnant - she is now the proud mother of a gorgeous wee man, and I heart her! After speaking with my doctor I now have my very own packet of the darn stuff. Hopefully it will help with some of the reflux and heartburn! Thanks Mony!!!

My Tribute to.....Mylanta

My innards growl all night and day,
Intestines...bowel in disarray.
Belching acid on the hour,
...regretting what I did devour.
Indigestion! Oh so dire!
My Oesophagus! It burns like fire!
MYLANTA! ....mystic tummy fixer,
Chalky white, supreme elixir.
How I crave your offensive taste,
Spoonfuls gulped with messy haste.
You alleviate the torment well,
And rescue me from heartburn hell.
My trusty friend.... all bottled blue,
Sweet reflux slayer...I heart you.


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