Saturday, July 11, 2009

It was a dark and stormy day...

In fact, a perfect day to spend a quiet Saturday at the office in catch up mode. My miracle pregnancy has coincided with the company I work for merging with another company - and oh my desk is groaning with piles of paper and things to do.

I woke up around 4am (thanks Toby, who decided that he was cold and trying to get under the blankets with Mum was the way to go)...laid there and just smiled. 12 weeks today. What a milestone. It just feels so good to be at this stage, and only a week away from the NT scan. It's been a fairly quiet week, just work and resting and doggy walking and chores - it looks like hubby's return from the US will be delayed by a week, but I'm doing fine although missing him.

Went up to my neighbours last night to watch a DVD (Seven Pounds, had a good cry at the end) and to play with her gorgeous 18 month old. We are so lucky in being really good friends with our neighbours - we met them before we even moved into the street, through our dogs at the park, so it's a blessing having them there. Just having someone to talk to, or being able to drop Toby off to play with their dog Kong, while I walk Katie. Or just to hang out on a Friday night for dinner or a movie - with only a minute needed to walk home!

No other real news - saw my naturopath yesterday and he has altered my dosage slightly - that will continue through to sixteen weeks, then taper off and stop around twenty weeks. I wonder how big my tummy will be there - I am certainly showing now. Must get around to taking a belly shot or two!

Next update will be probably a week away after the big scan - am slightly nervous, but not as bad as I thought I might be. Keep your fingers crossed, the prayers coming and those good vibes heading my way :-)


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