Friday, July 17, 2009

NT Scan

Woke up this morning at 4am...really nervous. And starving. Hehe. Went for my scan this afternoon after what seemed like a REALLY long morning at work...has a clock ever moved so slowly?
Upshot is...we have one active wee 12wks and 6 days it is measuring 13wks and 3 days. My risk of Downs based on my age is 1 in 43. My new amended risk based on the measurements is 1 in 290. That may change still further when I have maternal serum blood tests in a few weeks.
Despite baby flipping over on to his/her stomach all the time they also managed to get a good nasal bone measurement, and all in all the radiologist was very happy with the way things are coming along. What a relief. I felt really drained afterwards. Just tension leaving my felt so good to get this over with.
I can feel my uterus now above my pelvic bone - very odd. And feel like I am showing a little more each day - it will be interesting when hubby gets home from the US middle of next week and what changes he notices after not having seen me for 2.5 weeks.
I also had one of those cool 3 or 4d pics, so will post that shortly!


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