Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Update...of nothing really

Well, the big awards night was lots of fun, managed to get about 3 hours sleep before we had to fly back to Auckland. My two co workers (who are both blog readers) were way more naughty than me and stayed out later. Oh to be young, or a party animal again! It really was a nice wee trip though, and nice to see Christchurch - such a pretty city on a crisp sunny day.

Training is going fairly well, though I have struggled to put in the km's in since the last race. Managed about 7.5km last night, plus dog walking, but the old hip is a bit sore so I will be making sure to do good stretching every day to try and ease that out. I'm heading up North this weekend to stay with my Mum who has just had surgery, so that will be a nice break (and where she lives is completely flat so I should be able to get some good walking in).

Otherwise, life is quiet. Been to a couple of movies, out for dinner, watched the All Blacks game against Ireland on TV at a friend's place. All general stuff, and nice stuff but nothing to write home about (or to bore you with on my blog!) Work continues to be busy, so am making the effort to keep up to date with everything so that the unexpected doesn't throw everything out of whack too much.

A friend's wee baby has been in hospital with meningitis - I was so scared and worried when I heard, but the good news is that she has the strain that means no side effects and she will make a complete recovery. I can only imagine how her folks felt - it is such a scary word and conjures up some terrible mental images. Awful. I really feel it when children are hurt or get sick - that's a new thing in the last few years, possibly because I now understand just how precious these little ones are. I'm just so glad she is going to be ok - she is a wee darling with the most beautiful mop of hair!

Next race is on the 22nd of June. It involves a fairly nasty hill, so lots of stretching and hill training will be my goal for the next 10 days. There is a hill near our place that is a killer, and I am almost tempted to walk up and down it a few times each time I train. Ugh. I did say "almost"!


Blogger Kenya said...

Sounds like you're well and I'm with you..I hate seeing children hurting too.

4:36 AM  
Blogger Topcat said...

Hi Pixxiee! Thank you for your recent support. Wow - good for you on all of the running you do! That's bloody unreal!


12:15 PM  

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