Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time to Party!!

Tomorrow morning, I am flying down to Christchurch with two of my co workers to attend the end of year awards dinner and party. We're all sharing a hotel room, and it's going to be a big night. These are real glamour events, everyone done up to the nines, so we've all had a bit of a stress trying to find something (anything!) to wear. I think we are all sorted now, and ready to get on the plane and go join in the fun. The hard part will be flying home, and coming back to work, the next morning! We may not go to sleep at all, as these things can easily go on till 3 or 4 in the morning :-)

So. Jodi Picoult author talk. She was funny...and very chatty, and I laughed and even got teary a couple of times. What a talent. I can't wait for her next book, and am very glad I went along.

On Sunday the 10km race happened. And I felt good - I did it in 1 hour 16 mins and 44 seconds - so even faster than the flat course 10km event a few weeks ago. And a LOT faster than the 1 hour 34 minutes I walked it in last weekend. I was pretty happy when I crossed the finish line (until I stretched my hip and it all locked up and caused me 15 minutes of agony and embarrassment while the ambulance guy put an ice pack down my shorts!). I have a few twinges in my calf and butt, but nothing like last weekend's pain. Rupes did a great time of 49 minutes, my co worker did it in just under an hour, and Muzz was around 51 minutes. Nicole did the 5km - not sure of the time, but she did great. I have a lot of work to do if I am ever going to catch up to any of them! Oh and I won a spot prize - a very groovy running singlet. I am going to look the part even as I stagger around the course!

Next event isn't till around the 22nd of June - another 10km. And then it's the biggie, the half marathon in July. Scares me thinking about it, although I am pretty sure I can do the distance at a steady pace. And then if that goes ok, another half marathon in Taupo in August. And that's my goals for the year achieved (as far as walking/running goes anyway). So, time to kick up the training a notch from this week on, and start getting some road kms under my belt.

On the infertility front. Nada. A friend of ours had her baby on Friday night, and we went to the mall to get some wee clothes. All was good as we oohed and aahed over the stuff and then I got really emotional. Almost a panic attack - and I couldn't find Rupes (who had wandered off to another section in the store). When he finally came back (it felt like ages, but was probably only 5 minutes) he got a bit of a growling. Poor guy. We popped in to see the new arrival on Sunday and she is just gorgeous, full head of dark hair, wee tiny fingers and very long feet. Just lovely. And surprisingly, that was easier emotionally than standing in the baby section! Go figure.


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