Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Ok. Dad mentioned (again!!) that I hadn't been updating. Excuses. Well, it's been pretty stressy at work, I haven't been feeling so great, and while life has been busy, it's not been busy in a very exciting way!

Three 5km fun run/walks under my belt now - not getting any easier, and I have some nasty ligament pain in my knee. Still, I am quietly pleased I have kept up my training (mostly) and managed to finish the first three. But with this knee pain my athletic career could be over before it really begins! This weekend is my first 10km walk, and luckily it is completely flat, so I should be able to handle it. If the knee pain persists I'll have to get some treatment - I think it might be related to my hip being out of alignment, so we shall see how it all goes.

The dogs are doing good, though Katie did a bolt through the open gate on the weekend and it took me half an hour of tramping around the neighbourhood in the pouring rain to recapture her. She really really loves to run's very frustrating. Toby is getting bigger, and mostly has been behaving, if you discount the odd chewed sock/coaster/blanket! They've been having a lot of fun at the park with the other dogs - and Toby is fascinated by a wee puppy that has just joined the group. He's mostly gentle, but sometimes he forgets how big and clumsy he is!

The weather has finally turned after a very long dry summer, and we've had a lot of rain (and discovered a small leak in our roof!) It's gotten cold too, which I hate with a vengeance, but I do enjoy the soup and casseroles this time of year brings. BUT I am trying to be good food wise, as I have managed to lose 10kgs so far this year, so am off on Friday to buy a couple of new skirts for work as mine are all getting a little too baggy.

On the infertility front - nothing. Not pregnant this month, and am still waiting for CYFS to run their next course for fostering so we can at least explore that option. I think I am gradually coming to terms with the realisation that I'm not going to be a mother the natural way, and that our next decision really is going to be either pursuing adoption/fostering or choosing to grow old and grey together in a houseful of animals. There is some sadness in that thought - but maybe I need to start looking at this as an opportunity rather than a burden?

That's me for now. Take care all you folks out in blogland :-)


Blogger Karen said...

Take care of that knee!! A soft knee brace might help whem you're jogging. It certainly helped me as I'm having problems with my left knee.

Sorry that you haven't had any good news o the fertility front. I really admire your positive attitude, though. I still have my fingers, toes and everything else, crossed for you. You really deserve some good luck!

Congrats on the weight loos, btw. :-)

7:49 AM  
Blogger Adriane said...

Good to hear an update from you. You are really taking to the running - good for you!!!

I am sorry there is no news on the IF front. It's difficult to move forward in either direction and I really wish you luck no matter which path you go down.

Hope you are well!

11:54 AM  

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