Thursday, July 27, 2006


Hubby was away last night so I did my injections all by myself! Well, I always do my injections myself, but he usually helps in preparing them and making sympathetic noises when it stings! Then it was off to Puppy School graduation. Katie's brother and sister, Darcy and Emily, were there, as well as Diesel the insanely growling (yet wimpy) spaniel, and of course Mr Biggles the tiny randy Pekinese. Katie weighed in at 14.3 kgs, heavier than her siblings, and I had a strangely proud moment, only spoiled by her pooing on the carpet! But she sat on command (eventually) and was awarded her certificate and a bunch of treats! The doting parents swapped phone numbers so I can see some play dates in her future!

I slept really well, till 4am when Dream wanted to go outside. Then 4.30 when she wanted to come back in. Then Katie decided that she wanted to come on the bed too, so I gave in at 4.40 and all the girls curled up on the bed and slept for an hour. Very cozy, I must say.

Apart from all that lovely doggy stuff, I am just hanging out for tomorrow morning, the blood test and scan that will tell me where we are at. I'm alternatively nervous, excited, and fearful, so am quite glad that today is my superbusy day at the office and I won't have too much time to dwell!


Blogger soralis said...

Puppy school sounded like fun! (except the pooping!)

Good luck with your blood test and scan!

Take care

8:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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