Wednesday, May 10, 2006

We have Estrogen!!

Well, another blood test this morning, then I had to drop by the clinic to pick up some more Gonal F. I asked for a 900 pen (3 doses) but the nurse said she would rather give me 2 x 300 pens, enough for tonight and tomorrow night as we wouldn't have the blood results and know what was happening till this afternoon. I drove to work thinking that she thought this cycle might have to be cancelled. I felt pretty despondent actually.

But then! Got the call from her this afternoon and my estrogen is up to 303 (from less than 150) which is still fairly low, but enough to be going on with. So, Friday is another blood test and then my first ultrasound to check out my follies (affectionate term for my egg follicles which need all the encouragement they can get!).

So far - two blood tests and 23 injections. That's a lot of needles. If you are scared of needles, seriously consider doing an IVF cycle, it will cure you!

I am still quite headachy and tired, but have managed not to cry today (tears in my eyes at lunch with my mate Tania do not count as crying!). I've definately noticed that I am mood swinging quite a bit. It doesn't help that IVF feels a little like a rollercoaster to me right now...

So anyway, thanks to all for your estrogen laced thoughts, vibes and prayers, keep them coming and I'll let you know how it all goes on Friday.


Blogger soralis said...

Good luck on Friday. Wishing you good follies!

Take care

4:55 AM  
Blogger Keeping The Faith said...

I'm happy to see that your estrogen is rising! I'll keep my fingers crossed that you get good results on Friday. I'm sending lots of prayers your way....

9:18 AM  

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