Friday, May 05, 2006

Three is a charm...

Ahh Friday. Love the thought of two whole days off to relax - it has been a really busy week at work, but I am not going in over the weekend, they will just have to manage without me!

Only three things of note to report today - firstly, a big hug to someone from my newsgroup I won't name, but who had a positive pregnancy test today. I know it's early days yet dear girl - but you made me smile. Congratulations!

The second thing is that today I get the dubious fun of adding a third daily injection to my repertoire. In the "infertility jargon" this is known as a stim injection - and that is what it does. It stimulates the ovaries to produce lots of follicles with lots of eggs (we hope). So, it will be three injections per day from here on in.

The third thing is very upsetting. I was trying very hard to make a smily face with my injection marks below my belly button, but I went in a bit wonky last night and now my smily face is no more. It's just a line of wee red dots. Oh well.

Otherwise, I am feeling fairly well, starting to get a few aches and pains along with the hot flushes, and the mood is definately "on the edge and can tip either way". As Rupert found out last night when he came in to the lounge to tell me he had forgotten to put the veges in the microwave but still had turned it on and there was a really "cool blue flash" and some funky smoke.

After I had finished explaining that I was the one who was supposed to be forgetful while on meds, and that we couldn't afford a replacement microwave given what we are spending on IVF, and how on earth was I going to manage without my microwaved porridge each morning and my wheat bag heated up each night, well, the poor boy ran for cover. I think we came to the conclusion later that if anything terrible happens, I really don't want to know till it is fixed!

However, I'm pleased to announce the microwave must have heard my ravings and managed to heal itself, so the wheat bag was toasty last night after all!


Blogger Sarah & Jo said...

Ahhhhhhh ... poor Rupes. He can join group and let it all out ... we meet on Wednesdays ;-) Plenty of hugs from the girls...

6:04 PM  

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