Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Tears and Parsley

Well, it was a rough day today. A wee upset at work and my hormones were in overdrive - the increased dosage last night really hit home today with a pounding headache, inability to concentrate on anything more than one task at a time, and a bit of a miscommunication at work and I ended up in tears. I came home a wee bit early and had a bath and relaxed and feel a little better apart from the head still aching a bit.

Of course, my boss thought my wee breakdown today was fairly amusing. Especially after he had just finished telling his father (who was visiting) that I was actually pretty good and level so far. He spoke too soon! I think he saw the whole range of emotions today - and commiserated that Rupert gets the "night shift". Men!

Thanks to Shirley (my ever patient co worker) who gave me a parsley plant today - apparently if you give someone one they will be fertile. With my moonstone and fertility god and parsley and prayers, not to mention my horoscope, I think we have all the bases covered. Have a great time in Greece Shirl. Really. I did so mean it! Honest!

One reassuring thing is that a girl in my newsgroup had exactly the same problem as me with the low estrogen levels and the increased dose of Gonal F sorted it out. I guess I will find out tomorrow afternoon once the blood test results come in.

Till then, Rupes has had to go back into the office for a while, so I am going to make hay while the sun shines. Well, actually, I am going to have some dinner and then get into bed with my book!


Blogger soralis said...

Sorry to hear about your drug induced craziness! Take care and all the best.

7:52 AM  
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