Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lucky Thirteen?

Another very lazy day - it was clear and cool and gorgeous outside but I felt very weary, sore tummy, and somehow managed to hurt my right arm during the night. Don't ask me what I was doing, I think I just slept on it funny! We had both cats on the bed with us again last night and I know Dream tends to sneak up to lay right between Rupes and I, so I think I probably adjusted for her in my sleep! And am paying for it now...

So, thirteen injections completed now and I have my first blood test tomorrow morning. This is to measure how the drugs are working and will be used in conjunction with my ultrasound scan on Wednesday morning to alter the dosage if needed. I'm wondering if the "phlebotomist" would let me draw my own blood given my hard won needle experience!

Here's a little known fact - older follicle stimulating hormone drugs (FSH) were made from the urine of post menopausal nuns. I'm really glad they don't have to make it that way anymore. Ewwww. And what if you aren't Catholic?

Work again tomorrow but I will get there a bit late given that the earliest I can have a blood test is 7.30 am (and I usually get to work between 6.30 and 7.00). I'm sure they will cope - or maybe they won't even notice :-)


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