Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bachelorette...for a while anyhow!

We had a good weekend away, though it was nice to come home to the dogs and cats! Being a short week it was pretty busy at the office, and then having to fit in a blood test for my rash (no idea what it is, but hopefully they will find out soon) and then a yucky drink and blood test for my diabetes test - cross your fingers on that one please! I managed two aqua classes which were good, I am finding those the best way to exercise right now, and they do help a little with the insomnia which has been tough this week.

Rupert has gone to the UK for just over a week and I am missing him already, and Murray has headed off to New York to run the marathon for his 50th year, so I am solo mum to two dogs, four cats, two fish and an evergrowing baby bump. She's been very active, lots of jumping around and kicking, particularly at night. While the boys are away I am taking it easy though I do have to work over this weekend on month end. I've just sat down and written all my thank you cards from the baby shower - I just love going into the nursery and looking at all the cute wee things! I ordered the cutest drawer knobs - little bumble bees with pink wings, they will look sweet :-)

So, will report back when I have the results from the tests, and on Tuesday I have my first ante natal class so that will be interesting! So, 28 weeks is here, and it feels like the end of the pregnancy is almost in sight - but that will be start of a whole new adventure!


Blogger Soralis said...

28 weeks... wow! Enjoy your class!!

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