Thursday, July 02, 2009

So. Pixxiee Is Pregnant...

Wow, some lovely old names in my comments list - so glad you guys are still around to share this with me!

So...I found out on the 11th of May I was pregnant. Was feeling very off colour, a bit emotional. And thought surely not? So I did a home test, and sure enough I was. To be honest, I was just gobsmacked. I sat in the toilet and cried.

Went to the doctor the next day and had my first beta test - I've popped the dates down here for posterity (and because my wee notebook is falling apart)

LMP 18th April
Conception 30th April (yeah, yeah!)
Spotting 8th May (implantation?)
BFP 11th May
HCG 111 11th May
HCG 334 14th May
4 weeks - 16th May
HCG 1842 - 18th May
HCG 5850 - 21st May
5 weeks - 23rd May
HCG 21392 - 25th May

On the 27th of May I had my first scan - baby measuring .310 cms and 5wks and 4 days - perfect. Heartbeat of 102

Then, on the 29th of May...on the Friday afternoon of a long weekend, panic. Bleeding, clots...although it had stopped by mid evening. We went to A and E but were told there was a 6-7 hour wait and by then I was just tired, so we went home. We got in for a scan the following Tuesday, and hubby came with me - all was fine, and heartbeat was 128 and baby was measuring a day ahead (6wks 4days).

And then we had our scan last Friday that I have posted the picture of :-)

So...that's you lot up to date! Well, apart from today's first appointment with the specialist - who did a very quick scan and told me that the baby is moving around A LOT and is very "feisty" in her words - and that she believes we have a 95% chance of no miscarriage this time around - even though we aren't quite at the magical 12 weeks yet.

So...Pixxiee is currently 10 weeks and 5 days pregnant - and cannot quite believe it. But is very very happy and excited and somehow very hopeful and calm about this one.


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