Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Ugh Winter...

I am definately a summer girl. I hate winter - being cold, the rain, the wet dogs, the muddy garden. I just want to hibernate when the weather turns. Unfortunately, the bad weather arrived on Sunday, just in time for the last 10km race. I also had a cold. I seriously considered staying in bed, but dammit, I'd made a commitment to do the whole series, and do it I would.

It was miserable. It rained heavily on the first lap. I thought about pulling out at the 5km mark, but soldiered on, and completed the 10km in 1hr 23mins. Slower than my best time, but not so bad considering the conditions, my cold, and the course (one nasty uphill and one very nasty downhill, rinse and repeat).

So, now for the big challenges ahead. A half marathon on the 13th July, followed by another half marathon on the 3rd August. I'm going to have a couple more days recovery, both from my sore hip (sciatica anyone?) and the cold, and then do a practice walk this weekend over the course for the 21kms I will be doing on the 13th. I feel the need to do the distance just so I know I can - the race organisers did helpfully tell me that I have just under four hours to complete the actual race!

Other news - Mum is recovering well, and getting bored which is a good sign. Our new lobby tiles look great, and just need grouting and skirting board (base boards for you Americans) finished. I had a few hours in the vege garden last weekend and hopefully we'll have some nice winter treats from that. Toby and Katie are good - though Toby still has a tendency to steal anything he can reach. This morning it was a bunch of ripe bananas! Rupes made Katie a sacking pad to sleep on by sewing three sacks together, in the hope that she wouldn't be tempted to rip them apart. She sleeps on it fine, but come morning, it's fair game and the teeth start work, so it has to be put away during the day!


Blogger Heather said...

Sorry to hear you're dealing with winter. Hang in there.

4:29 AM  
Blogger PJ said...

From another summer girl, I just wanted to say that I loved your rant below about the ignorance that some people have about IVF.

We have very close friends who are in their late 30's, whom we shared that we are doing IVF. Their attitude was, "well, if it was meant to be..." and "it's like playing god", etc. So annoying. While they still do the poke and hope method, and then are surprised when nothing happens! Sigh...

12:33 PM  

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