Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Letter

I feel like I've been coping with the sadness and grief pretty well. I've had my tears, on and off, but mostly have just been trying to work through it all and think of our options. Until tonight that is, when I got home to find the letter. It was written by my infertility specialist to my general doctor, and a copy was sent to me. Here is the gist of it:

"We are sorry to tell you that Paula has just completed an unsuccessful private IVF cycle with us. She required large doses of FSH (412.5 IU/day) and five eggs were retrieved on 6th August. Three embryos were transferred but she did not conceive. Her follicles grew at a slower rate than expected and were all from the left ovary. Paula is hugely disappointed. She is unlikely to try IVF again, which is understandable as this recent cycle demonstrates how difficult it has been for her to produce sufficient egg numbers."

IF blogworld - I need your help.

Were you ever on Gonal F? If so, what was your daily dose and what was the result - i.e. egg numbers, fertilisation rates. If Gonal F did not work for you, was there another stim drug that you were prescribed? Did any of you self medicate and not tell your doctor? Did any of you have a non working ovary that you somehow kick started back into life? I need YOUR stories...

You see...reading that letter, I felt the whole agony over again. But if I could find a way to improve my egg count (acupuncture, more drugs, etc) then I would have to seriously look at trying again. I just can't quite give up on this dream yet. I can't let go of the desire and the yearning to be a mother.


Blogger StellaNova said...

I was on 300IU Gonal-F both times. They retreived 13 eggs (7 fert) first time and 10 eggs (5 fert) last time. First time, all eggs were only from my left ovary and 2 made it to blast, both implanting and then failing to go any further. This time, both were productive, although there were fewer all round and only 1 made it to morula. No implantation.

I don't know what I did differently to get right ovary working again, but one ovary can do all the work if it has to. It's the FSH that influences the effects of the Gonal.

I don't know if this helps, but I'm certainly thinking of you. Have you tried herbs? I feel like they make a big difference for me.

11:55 PM  
Anonymous Ana María said...

I'm some sort of numb here. I don't know any dosage I took. But one thing that I would certainly do is go to acupunture. My DH and I wanted to do another round of IVF, but I'm having trouble with an ovaric cyst that doesn't want to go away, so we've been postponing the cycle for almost 3 months. On monday I found out, the cyst is still there which it's been a dissapointment (I can't help it, been feeling really sad).

Anyway, to the point, while I was been attendend, I told my obgyn, I was still going to acupunture and then she said "ACUPUNTURE IS SCIENTIFICAL PROVED TO HELP WITH IVF", which gave a lot of hope, since I've been doing Laser Acupunture for quite while now.

Look, It's hard to give up on hope or God. And I'm with you on whatever you decide to do. It's a good thing you're resting now from all the crazyness that IVF implies. If you decide to start all over again you'll have new energy to do it. They say that the 2nd cycle is more effective than the first. I truly hope so, for both of us. Anyway, enjoy your marriage now, after a failed IVF, one seems to be more loved and more close to our DHs.


Ana María

"My heart aches for you everyday - praying that someday you will come to exist outside my dreams!"

10:17 PM  
Blogger Jo said...

I was on 150 dropping to 75 or none of GonalF all 4 times (dropped after 8 days of stims). I also had repronex in the mix as well. Ths is what I remember
1st- 15 ret, 2 blast. 2 Morulas.. BFN
2nd- 9 ret, 3 blast. BFP
3rd- 13 ret, 3 blast. BFP- Chem.
4th- 22 ret, 3 blast. BFN

I am guilty. I upped my GF by 37.5 iu's a day for 3 days last cycle. I also stimmed slower then as well.
I also did acupuncture all cycles.
My 3rd cycle, I was told my left ovary was pretty toasted. I told Acup about that and he did something to stimulate that ovary. last cycle we ended up getting 9 from that side.
Is there other meds you can add? Repro or Menopur?
No two cyles are ever the same. That is what I have been told and what has shown with me. The only cycle that worked I only had 7 fertilized. My "worst" cycle. I also never seem to end up with more then 3 blast.
My Dr recommended 800 mg 3 x's a day of folic acid, baby aspirin, Ginko after retrival and one other herb. I can look for my protocol sheet if you like...

If you can, I would suggest trying again. maybe with added meds and acupuncture?
Wishing you find answers and peace.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Mony said...

200IU of Puregon (same as Gonal F) daily, Paula I only got 7 eggs. Only 1 from my Left side.
Oh, I do hope you try again. I hope you CAN try again. xxx

4:19 PM  
Blogger Lyrehca said...

I used Gonal F and strictly followed protocol; 225 IU for most of the cycle, then dropped down to 187.5 for the last few days. Nine eggs were retrieved, from four follicles on each side, six fertilized, and four grew to blasts. I did acupuncture earlier in my IF process (during two medicated IUIs) but gave it up until the day of my embryo transfer, when I did it before and after. Not sure if any of this is helpful, but I hope you find what you're looking for.

Have you checked out the bulletin boards on IVF Connections? There's a lot of information there from a lot of different women dealing with all elements of IVF.

6:15 AM  
Anonymous Meri-ann said...

I've had cycles when I was on 600iu of GonalF or Puregon and responded way better than I did at 300. It just made a big difference to me. The last 2 cycles I've been on 450iu and had ok results from them. Some women are just 'poor responders' and sometimes it takes that higher dose to get some results. My friend was on 900iu and self medicated even higher, got a bfp. it's all relative, and everyone reacts differently so we all should be treated as such. I've always upped my dose with the extra bits in the pen as well!

1:09 AM  

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