Monday, August 07, 2006

Tears and Laughter

The call from the embryologist just came. And four out of the five eggs fertilised!!! I did the happy dance around the office!!! I was hoping for two, three at most, so we are completely rapt. Well done DH!!!!

Transfer on Wednesday afternoon, then bed rest the following couple of days. Feeling still pretty sore and sick from yesterday's retrieval, but the good news this morning has completely made up for that.

Hubby is taking me out for dinner tomorrow night to celebrate getting this far. We still have a long way to go, and the numbers are still against us, but right now it feels like things are going our way.


Transfer is now first thing on Wednesday morning!


Blogger soralis said...

Sounds great, good luck with your transfer!

Take care

3:35 PM  
Anonymous Karen said...

Way to go!!! I'm keeping my fingers and everything else crossed for you!!!


3:44 PM  
Blogger Lara said...

Yay! What great news! I hope all goes well on Wednesday and I'll be thinking sticky sticky thoughts for you! :)

4:51 PM  
Anonymous Meri-ann said...

Yay you!!! Well done, good luck for Wednesday...

7:14 PM  
Anonymous Ana María said...

2 weeks ago I found your blog, and I been following since. I'm praying for you, and I'll be praying until the good news come.

The transfer is just done like a normal exam, you're not going to feel anything. Don't drink too much water, though, drink a couple of glasse 2 hours before the transfer, but don't drink more, if you do you're going to get bloated and the run to the toilett after the transfer which is not good. (this happened to me!). Try to rest after the transfer (the whole day if possilble), but after it, try to live your life as it was when you didn't have to worry about getting pregnant. My obgyn told me that it is not exactly known but some studies say that when you are under more stress, the possibilities of getting pregnant are higher, than just resting.

After the transfer, the waiting time is LOOOOONG, and after all the shots and consultations, you're going to feel abandoned! Don't despair, and try to feel happy all the time!! Write down all your feelings. that'll help you.

Well, I'll pray for you on Wednesday and then again on the next 2 weeks.

Ana María

"My heart aches for you everyday – praying that someday you will come to exist outside my dreams."

8:26 PM  
Blogger Keeping The Faith said...

That is just wonderful. I am so very happy for you. You've come so far. Way to go Pixxiee!

6:33 AM  

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