Friday, August 11, 2006

Incredibly Lazy...

Well, this is my third day off work since the transfer. I have been very very lazy - snoozing, reading, watching movies, doing a little folding of washing and spent a happy hour packing all of my IVF junk away and returning my dresser to a state of niceness rather than a drug dispensary!

As DH posted, the transfer went well, and apart from being a little uncomfortable it was painless. It was neat to see our embryos on the big screen, and the embryologist gave us a good rundown on what would happen - implantation will probably occur tomorrow if it does, so I shall be diagnosing every twinge!

I've felt really tired - I think partly it's finally stopping and resting after all the rush, the injections, the appointments, the stress, and the retrieval which has taken me a week to get over! Also, the progesterone is making me feel quite yucky.

For those not schooled in the ways of IVF let me explain. In a normal pregnancy the follicle the egg leaves behind then starts to make the hormone to prepare your body for pregnancy. In the case of IVF, this follicle is sucked out with the egg, so there is nothing to make the hormone. So, you get to add this hormone artificially - in my case, two suppositories three times a day. Some of my unlucky friends get to to do shots in the butt, so I consider myself blessed!

However, the side effects of progrestrone mimic exactly the feelings of early pregnancy. Tender breasts, a little nausea, some bloating. Which is why women doing this never trust their body's symptoms before they do their first pregnancy blood test. We kinda hope though!

Other than that, I am feeling fine. Katie has enjoyed snoozing with me in the afternoons on the bed, carefully separated from one or both cats by my legs. DH has been a marvel, cooking, tidying, and generally making sure I rest.

Oh and a funny thing...if you click on the photo of the embryos from Wednesday you can see sperm hanging around the outside of the big embryo. Late to the party I guess, and trying to find a way in! They probably stopped off at the bar on the way to the egg, and didn't quite make it in time :-)

Right. Snooze time. Thanks so much for all the messages...I am so heartened by both friends and complete strangers giving encouragement. I'm trying to stay very calm about all this and know that what will be, will be. That may change as the dreaded two week wait starts to do my head in!


Blogger ellie said...

How funny you can really see the little guys trying to get in! I am glad that you aren't feeling too awful from the progestrone-kind of sucks that you can't really tell from just symptoms. I am rooting for you for a sucessful implant! Take care to rest and enjoy the lazy time!

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Meri-ann said...

Take care and enjoy your rest- I have everything crossed for you that good news is coming your way ina couple of weeks!

10:33 AM  
Blogger soralis said...

Good luck and I wish you luck!

Take care

1:44 PM  
Anonymous flygirl said...

Good luck Paula! I'll keep my fingers crossed that the miracle ball keeps on rolling.

(Very cool to view the pics large!)

2:33 PM  

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