Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday's Scan

Well, we now can see five follicles on the left ovary! He didn't even bother checking the right ovary...not sure I blame him! By the way, all scans are "transvaginal" which is of course not the most pleasant thing on earth - especially when he starts pushing the wand a little hard in an effort to see past my intestines!

So, wee follies, 1 is 16mm, 1 is 13mm, 2 are 10mm, and the fifth is too small to really count. But it's there so I am counting it...

The plan is another two nights of injections, then a scan and blood test on Wednesday. Hopefully at that point the two 10mm follies will have caught up a bit with the big ones. The nurse had left out all my trigger shots for me, but they won't be needed just yet (there were a few boxes there, and I am pretty sure DH is going to have to inject me in butt...poor lad, expect tears!)

Feeling just a little more positive now...each wee hurdle overcome is one less thing to deal with later! It's nice to know they are growing (the fact I cannot wear my jeans due to my tummy being bloated was part proof, but not proof enough for me!)

Will update with today's blood test result when I get it!


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