Friday, April 28, 2006

We have our drugs!

Now it really does all seem very real. We went to the clinic today and met with our nurse, who is lovely - she has a good sense of humour which helps as I tend to make off colour jokes when I get nervous!

She had our pack of drugs and needles and information sheets all ready for us (as my mate at work says, given the cost it should have been a leather bag!), and we talked our way through what to do when, and how. Then it was the moment of truth - giving myself the first "practice" injection. Honestly, the anticipation of it was worse than actually doing it - you inject into the tummy anywhere below the belly button, and the needles are very fine and short so it's not too bad.

Of course, that's just one injection and I didn't actually push the plunger down, whereas it will be two a day to start with, then three a day for a while! But at least I know now I can do it. And it might even be easier without an audience! Having Rupert there with me was great as he now knows everything as well as I do, and he also knows how to do the shots and prepare the medication so if I do feel a bit fragile one day he can take over.

I did feel a bit shaky afterwards and quite emotional - it has been such a long build up and finally it is all happening. So that's good, but scary as well! So...that's it for now. I finish taking the pill on Sunday, and then first injection is 6am Wednesday 3rd May.


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Hi Paula!
Like the look of your blog!

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