Saturday, November 14, 2009

30 Weeks!!

The belly shot at 30 weeks. It's been a bit of a hell week - Rupert got home from the UK on Monday with a nasty gastro bug, and then I got it on Wednesday. I lost 2 kilos in 2 days - and as I had only gained 5 kilos to date I was a little worried about the baby. Thank goodness for the heart beat monitor - I was able to keep a check on her between bathroom bouts and we had the added reassurance of our 30 week scan on Friday (pic to follow).

Despite both of us being unwell during the week, we managed ante natal class on Tuesday, as well as our babycare class today - very practical hands on session and we even got to watch a real live baby being bathed :-) He was very cute, and very well behaved. Then it was off to the mall to do the big shop - cot mattress, pram, baby monitor, car seat, etc etc. The wallet took a bit of a pounding but it's great to have the big stuff out of the way and we stocked up on vests and onesies and the extra bedding we needed.

So...on the downward road now! More in the next post about the scan...
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you look gorgeous!!!!! xxxxx ...CAT

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