Monday, August 04, 2008

Taupo Half Marathon

It was a merry band of runners, walkers, and supporters down in Taupo over the weekend. We rented a great house (lovely fireplace, big screen tv, slept 10 plus Muzz who had the floor in front of the fireplace). A relaxing Saturday, a lovely dinner and watching the All Blacks thrash Aussie, then an early night.

Sunday. Well, the half marathon started at 9. It rained. It was really really windy. In fact, for folks as slow as me, the last ten kms on the way back to the finish were all against a very cold headwind. At about the 16km point I was so tired I wanted to give up. I had a wee cry and trudged on. Crossed the line in 3hrs 10mins with nothing at all left in me - I even had trouble walking with Rupert back to the car. I spent the afternoon comatose on the bed hehe. But, in fantastic news, Murray beat Rupert and they both beat Lee! So, bragging rights to Murray for the next six months.

We drove back today (Rupes, Murray and I) - stopped off at Huka falls which was beautiful and in full torrent. The power of the water is just amazing.

And, despite being a little sad about what today could have brought, I managed ok. I had a few teary moments, but on the whole I coped. I thought about our baby a little, but then I do that most days. One neat thing about our weekend away was friends brought their six month old - and he is so cute. I had lots of cuddles!

Off to our neighbours for a much needed spa, before an early night. If you hear me mentioning doing a half marathon again, please email and remind me how much I hurt right now!


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