Saturday, January 02, 2010

The Countdown...

37 weeks today, and things are going very very well. Baby is growing well, and engaged in the D2 position still, she is still very active and apart from the aches and pains and the heat I am feeling well.

Lots of contractions but so far only the false ones - they keep assuring me that I will know when the real thing happens!!

We are pretty much ready - I spent a blissful day or two pre washing all her gorgeous clothes and ironing them - last time they ever get ironed I bet! The bassinet is in our bedroom, the labour bag is pretty much packed apart from last minute stuff. Yeah, I think I might be having a baby :-)

It was a quiet Christmas - just what we needed, and gave me some time to finish off the work at the office so that cuts down on the stress there. New Years BBQ at a friends place was lovely - I lasted till about 10pm. Not a great stayer these days!
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