Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another week goes by

And it was a pretty good one. Managed three days off work, two days on - and had lots of errands and appointments on my days off. Ticking off the "things to do/buy/learn" list!

Had my obstetrician appt - they are happy with everything and confirmed she is still head down and probably will stay that way, which is great news. Lots of movement this week, and it's really noticeable as my tummy jumps or rolls when she is active. Last night was pretty funny - as she was moving my inny belly button was pushed up and then sank back down a few times.

All is well at the 31 week point. Some more broken nights with reflux and baby gymnastics, as well as my thigh aching/burning and calves aching - but honestly, those things are small compared to how wonderfully things are going. There is a small part of me, the 2am worrying part, that wonders when the axe will fall, when something will go wrong. I'm trying to tell that scaredy cat side of me to go away and let me just enjoy. It works mostly! I don't think I will leave that fear behind until she is safely born and in our arms.

The nursery is taking shape - should have her name letters to hang on the wall next week, and Rupes is out shopping now for a lightshade and lamp and rug. The knobs for the dressing table should be here soon, and we made up the cot last night - so pretty with the gorgeous bedding my boss and his partner gave us. She won't be sleeping in the nursery for quite some time (she will be in our room in a bassinet) but it's lovely to have it set up and ready for her - she'll probably have the odd nap in there so she is used to it.

A busy week ahead - another doctor's appointment, off to a La Leche Breastfeeding meeting, having coffee with a friend, a massage and pedicure (ooh I am so looking forward to that), a couple of aqua aerobics sessions, ante natal class - oh and work has to fit in there somewhere!


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