Saturday, December 12, 2009

34 Weeks...

Another week has ticked by - time feels like it is going really quickly now. Saw the obstetrician on Monday - he is happy with progress and baby is looking good - he did say again that they would be monitoring me very closely from 36 weeks due to my age and possible complications. He talked about degraded placentas and pre eclampsia, but so far everything is fine and I have a good amount of fluid. I've still only gained 4.5 kilos, but she is growing well, so I guess that's the main thing! He also said they definately wouldn't let me go beyond term so our baby will be here in a maximum of six weeks. Oh gosh! Now that sounds scary!

I've pretty much given up sleeping with hubby - we start off reading and then when it's sleep time I take my pillows upstairs to the spare room. Much more comfy - I can spread out with pillows on each side and if I do wake up I can turn the light on and read myself to sleep again. Had some pretty broken nights as I get bigger and the heat we have had lately doesn't help. It does mean he can get some sleep though without me disturbing him 5 or 6 times a night for pee stops or pillow arrangement or reflux!

All is good. Really good. I did think I was going into labour last night when I had a long series of Braxton Hick's and a sore back, but am back to normal again this morning! It may have just been the heat, or the long week. Our wee girl is still very active and the other day I actually held her wee foot through my stomach. Very odd - and she might be ticklish cos she wiggled while I was holding it!


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