Saturday, November 21, 2009

Another week goes by

And it was a pretty good one. Managed three days off work, two days on - and had lots of errands and appointments on my days off. Ticking off the "things to do/buy/learn" list!

Had my obstetrician appt - they are happy with everything and confirmed she is still head down and probably will stay that way, which is great news. Lots of movement this week, and it's really noticeable as my tummy jumps or rolls when she is active. Last night was pretty funny - as she was moving my inny belly button was pushed up and then sank back down a few times.

All is well at the 31 week point. Some more broken nights with reflux and baby gymnastics, as well as my thigh aching/burning and calves aching - but honestly, those things are small compared to how wonderfully things are going. There is a small part of me, the 2am worrying part, that wonders when the axe will fall, when something will go wrong. I'm trying to tell that scaredy cat side of me to go away and let me just enjoy. It works mostly! I don't think I will leave that fear behind until she is safely born and in our arms.

The nursery is taking shape - should have her name letters to hang on the wall next week, and Rupes is out shopping now for a lightshade and lamp and rug. The knobs for the dressing table should be here soon, and we made up the cot last night - so pretty with the gorgeous bedding my boss and his partner gave us. She won't be sleeping in the nursery for quite some time (she will be in our room in a bassinet) but it's lovely to have it set up and ready for her - she'll probably have the odd nap in there so she is used to it.

A busy week ahead - another doctor's appointment, off to a La Leche Breastfeeding meeting, having coffee with a friend, a massage and pedicure (ooh I am so looking forward to that), a couple of aqua aerobics sessions, ante natal class - oh and work has to fit in there somewhere!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Scan at 30 weeks...

So reassuring to see our little girl - she was head down (right position for birth) and growing really well. I'd been a little concerned - paranoid perhaps - that my lack of weight gain might mean she was not thriving, but she is still measuring ahead of her age and doing beautifully. Her estimated weight is 1.686 kilos, about 3 and a half pounds, and everything looks great.

She's also been extremely active over the last week - often at night in the wee small hours! She seemed to get quite annoyed when I was sick - I assume the belly cramping gave her a bit of a squeeze and she didn't like it! I've had a few Braxton Hicks contractions this week too - and she always seems to give me a good wallop after those pass.

So, all is well with our wee one. Despite a very tiring tough week, we still have a miracle baby on board and it won't be long before we meet her :-)
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30 Weeks!!

The belly shot at 30 weeks. It's been a bit of a hell week - Rupert got home from the UK on Monday with a nasty gastro bug, and then I got it on Wednesday. I lost 2 kilos in 2 days - and as I had only gained 5 kilos to date I was a little worried about the baby. Thank goodness for the heart beat monitor - I was able to keep a check on her between bathroom bouts and we had the added reassurance of our 30 week scan on Friday (pic to follow).

Despite both of us being unwell during the week, we managed ante natal class on Tuesday, as well as our babycare class today - very practical hands on session and we even got to watch a real live baby being bathed :-) He was very cute, and very well behaved. Then it was off to the mall to do the big shop - cot mattress, pram, baby monitor, car seat, etc etc. The wallet took a bit of a pounding but it's great to have the big stuff out of the way and we stocked up on vests and onesies and the extra bedding we needed.

So...on the downward road now! More in the next post about the scan...
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Wednesday, November 04, 2009

First class...

Before I talk about the first class - my gestational diabetes test was fine - so no worries there! And (fingers crossed) my rash seems to be fading a little...

So, I'm blonde right? And pregnant? And yes, I turned up to the Tuesday night class - instead of the Thursday night one I was supposed to attend. They swapped me over, so no problem and I'd rather go on Tuesday anyway as Thursday is deep aqua class.

It was kinda fun - a few "getting to know you" games, met some other folks from around where I live. I think I am the oldest there - and the only one without a partner. Rupes will be home for the next one at least! And then we dived straight in to talk about what happens if baby arrives when you are alone, or just alone with your partner. Once they had freaked us all out, we talked about pelvic rocking and optimal positions to sit so baby gets into the right position around 36 weeks. Interesting stuff, and I learnt a few things I didn't know, so I think the class will be worthwhile.

It was fun checking out the various baby bumps too - we are all due in January or February, and some ladies looked HUGE while others barely looked pregnant. All shapes and sizes, so it was fun to see 15 or so pregnant women in the same room.

The rest of the week is going to be busy - movie night tonight with one of our offices, then aqua tomorrow night, then a pot luck dinner with friends on Friday night. I'm looking forward to a quiet weekend before Rupert gets home on Monday! Muzz did great at the New York Marathon and finished in just over 4 hours 30 minutes so that was very cool, so he is now being tourist in NY and then heading to Washington.

That's about it for me - I have some appointments to book for next week - 30 week scan and back to the naturopath for my last trimester's herbal supplements. Our wee girl seems to be doing well from the kicking and the heartbeat monitor but it's always reassuring to see her on a scan, so that's something to look forward to.

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