Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It just gets better and better

What can I say - look at the smile! How cute is she? We've had a great week - coffee group went off well and Grace was up for four hours before I realised and popped her down for a sleep! She was happy playing with the other babies though a couple of times she relieved them of HER toys hehe.
We had swimming on Monday - we'd missed a few classes with her being sick, so she was excited to get back in the water. Lots of splashing and going under - with just a few splutters. We played a game where we passed the babies around in a circle to each other under the water - Grace loved it, and was so happy to be in a new pair of arms each time! However, a few of the other babies had meltdowns - cos they were away from Mummy. I'm glad she is so confident and independent.
We are really working on sleeping now - tried the experiment of tying her dummy to her sleep sack last night so she could find it if she woke up and that seemed to work well. So, when she wakes up chatting or yelling we are just leaving her to self settle. She cries so rarely that if we do hear her actually crying we know something is needed, but otherwise we leave her and just listen on the monitor.
So all good - getting lots of open mouthed wet kisses, lots of smiles and a lot of playing. She is eating like a wee horse, and loving most things - and I have noticed she is definately getting heavier! It's all really really lovely right now...the little personality starting to shine through. I think she is going to be a very independent little Miss!


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