Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Our Buddy Jack

Jack was nine months old of solid cuddly labrador. He loved eating! Sleeping was also a favourite, as was playing with Katie. His favourite thing at the park was to grab Katie's tail as she ran after the ball, or to lie in wait for her to bring it back and then cannonball straight into her. His fur was so shiny it was a joy to stroke, and his moans of contentment when he found the perfect spot to lay beside you and rest his head on your knee always made us smile. On Friday morning we woke to find Jack had died in his sleep. The vet tells us it was a massive allergic reaction to something he had eaten, and that there was nothing we could have done. We miss our boy, and his exuberant bouncing welcome home to us each day. His gentle ways and quiet snuggles and cuddles will be sorely missed, by us, our friends, and of course Katie.

Katie was lost without Jack - broke our hearts by wandering around, moping, looking longingly for Jack and not one tail wag to be seen. We got her a new puppy - also a black lab, just 8 weeks old today, named Toby. So far Toby is nothing like his predecessor - he is very playful and feisty and rather naughty. Katie is very good with him and enjoys having some play time, though is not so sure when Toby tries to sleep on her! He is helping our grief by keeping us busy, but we still miss Jack very much. Jack's ashes will be buried under a special tree and we'll always remember our bonny black boy.

At times like this you realise just how many folk care about you - we've had flowers, texts, emails, visits, even a BBQ by our doggy walking friends so Katie could play with her mates. Those of you who read this "in real life" - thank you.

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