Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Three more sleeps!

Grace was 11 months old last week. She met Santa for the first time at our office party for the kids. She heard a balloon pop for the first time - and burst into tears! We had her daycare Christmas party as well, with the older kids doing a few songs - very cute!
She had her first "bleeding" injury - down the slide at daycare face first and her wee bottom teeth cut her top lip. She looked like Angelina Jolie with a trout pout! Daycare keep a portfolio of photos and stories and artwork and we got our first look at it this week - amazing to see how much she has changed. You don't realise it until you see photos!
Mum was down for a week and Rupert was away in Aussie for a few days, so I partied hard at our work Christmas party! It was so much fun - Disney theme (I went as a pirate wench in search of Capt Jack Sparrow. No luck). Just a really good night - though I regretted the last wine or three when I was woken up after just four hours sleep :-) While Mum was here my sister also visited - she hadn't seen Grace since that first week at home, so I think she might have seen a change! And Rupert's cousin also visited, so it's been a social time!
Mum bought Grace an early Xmas present - a wee trolley with blocks. Grace happily walks across the room and back again holding on to it. She loves to walk holding our hands, and is just starting to take those first steps away from support. Apart from some grizzles with what we think is the first of her molars to come through, she is delightful - happy and interactive, but still enjoys playing independently. She's eating well, sleeping well, and generally being a lovely little girl. Her sense of humour is definately developing and her favourite activity is counting down with the microwave (including the beep at the end!) and hiding things under various pillows and cushions.
So...not long till Grace's first Christmas, and looking at the Christmas tree she is certainly going to be one spoiled little girl! I'm excited for her sake - I know she won't remember much of this year's celebrations, but it will be so fun to take lots of photos that she can look back at and see how much she is loved. Her grandparents in the South Island have sent up home made gifts - the most adorable doll, and a very cool ride on scooter. I can't wait to post some photos of those after Christmas.
This time last year I was pregnant and hot! And tired too! Amazing what can happen in just one year, and in a few more weeks she will turn 1!


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