Wednesday, November 10, 2010

My little Picasso

Grace's first artwork. I love it. Rupert wants to get it framed. It's kind of delicate and abstract all in one! She came home from daycare with a nappy full of sand from the sandpit, and hair and clothing as well as hands a bit paint splattered. She had the best time :-)
It's been an up and down couple of weeks - we heard chicken pox was going around so we had her vaccinated on Wednesday - she was such a brave wee soldier...but that night she was grizzly and hot and that went on till Saturday when we saw a rash on her temples and back. Oh God - said we, first time parents that we are, we didn't get the vaccine in time and she has chicken pox! Actually, it was just a reaction to the vaccine and she is fine again now! Phew!
She's a busy wee sausage. Lots of standing, walking along the furniture, a couple of occasions where she has been able to stand unassisted for a couple of seconds. She's nosy, and into everything! Her temperament is usually sunny and her independent spirit means she will happily play by herself until she is bored with that and then she will come and find us. Her eating is good - so far she has loved everything, she had her first fish fingers the other night and was quite taken with them! We haven't come across anything yet that she doesn't like, which is a bonus - that may change of course.
In just under a week she will be 10 months old, and in just 10 days we are off to Perth for the wedding of the year! I can't wait. It's come around really quickly, and I get to hang out with one of my oldest friends the first day we are there - possibly the last time I will see her in a long time, so it will be neat for her to meet Grace. And then the wedding - and then home to get ready for Xmas.
On the work front things have been crazy - I've had some meetings and fingers crossed, things might become a little easier soon. I am holding out for that, as the stress levels and the feeling of being spread too thin are taking over a little!


Anonymous CAT said...

Wedding of the year - ha ha!!! Cant wait to see you guys! Getting Grace's car seat fitted today.. :-)

1:37 PM  

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