Sunday, February 17, 2008

Travels and Stuff...

We've just got back from six days in Surfers Paradise - I was there for a work conference, and hubby came too for a wee holiday. It was nice having him there - I've gone alone (apart from work colleagues) the last two years. We had one day by the pool, and one at Movie World before the sessions kicked in. A good mate moved into our place to look after the dogs and cats - much appreciated!

Next Friday we are off to Christchurch for a long weekend. It's my birthday, and I got some really cheap fares, so we are going to have one night in Hanmer Springs, and one night in Akaroa visiting the in laws. Really looking forward to it as I have always wanted to go to Hanmer, and I figure if I have to turn 41 I might as well do it in a place I want to be!

Got my "AF" just as we arrived home from Aussie, so not pregnant this month. The doctor has given us the go ahead to try again, though she wants one more HCG blood test done to make sure I am back to normality. I'll do that tomorrow. I wasn't disappointed - I've decided I definately do know (and really early) when I do fall pregnant, so until (and if) I start having those symptoms, I just won't think about it. It's odd, and sad, to think if I hadn't miscarried I would be over three months by now. I wish I still was pregnant. I really do. That sadness hasn't gone away very much at all.

And in the TMI department, my tummy bug is still with me. And the gastro has led to lactose intolerance. So, am being very careful what I eat, trying to make sure I get enough rest/exercise/good food, and waiting for it all to resolve itself. Annoying, but I am feeling well mostly, and am off for a day in the garden. Plus the embarrassing errand of returning a book to the library that Toby liked so much he chewed it to bits! Grrr!

On the plus side, Toby is completely recovered from his abcess surgery, and is back to his normal self. Minus his balls of course :-) Katie is doing good too, and we had to laugh yesterday - Toby is not a strong swimmer yet, so his new trick is to grab hold of Katie's neck or collar as she swims off. They went quite a way yesterday before Katie managed to dislodge him!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Blast from the Past

When I was 12 and 13 I had a penpal named Carlos, who lived in Sao Paulo Brazil. I found him on the internet recently and we've been emailing back and forth.

Today's bonus? He emailed copies of some of my letters - complete with pretty pictures. I never knew I was so artistic! And so serious! I must have a dig through my "letter box" to see if I have any of his - I remember them as being absolutely beautifully decorated, and his English wasn't very good, so our letters became a case of him teaching me a little Japanese (I was learning at school) and me correcting his English!

Hehe...I wonder if folks still have penpals in this electronic age?
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