Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Back in the Saddle...

Ok...confession time. Since the Taupo half marathon back at the beginning of August I have done NO training. I just couldn't get motivated - first I got sick, then I got really busy at work and home, and before I knew it three months had slipped by.

So on Monday I heard about this event at Takapuna beach - a 5km run every Tuesday night for 16 weeks (with a few weeks off over Christmas). Being the impetuous, and slightly stupid person that I am, I immediately signed up for the whole series.

Ha. Last night was the first one - and guess what? There are NO walkers. They are all runners. I came third to last overall, and last in my age group. Hahaha the shame of it. The only good thing is that apparently I can walk faster than some folks can run :-)

But...I am going to think positive. Because it is the same course week in, week out, I should be able to work on my occasional jogging speed, and improve my time from the pathetic 41m 45s to...well...maybe 35m by next March? And the other good thing is that this series leads directly into Run Auckland (where I started my athletics career this year hahaha) and I've already signed up for 5 x 10km races, and 1 x 21km half marathon.

Apart from that, life has been busy. Really busy. I've been doing lots of gardening now the weather has improved, and spent a fantastic weekend waterblasting our deck and staining our outdoor furniture. The garden is starting to take shape a little more, though I have to keep on top of it or I will be back to square one! We've also been taking Katie and Toby to dog training which is having some results. They really are both lovely dogs...just a little naughty at times.

It has been a bit of a juggle the last few months - work has been incredibly busy, and I've been putting in the hours there - add that to weekends in the garden, Rupes being busy himself at work plus training for his half marathon last weekend (1hr 58m, does he rock!), and we've had a fair few social events on too. The most fun one being Abbamania hehe...front row seats upstairs. It was almost like being at an Abba concert.

But...being busy is no excuse for losing all the hard work I had done earlier in the year with my walking/running. So, I'm back to it again, and I shall hold myself accountable to train hard to get that darn time down. Or I shall be too ashamed to turn up again!


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