Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I need some sun...

Am finally getting better, still an annoying cough, but mostly feeling ok. Get a little tired if I overdo it, so am still trying to take it easy. I am heartily sick of the weather though - this weekend coming will be the 8th in a row where it has rained on a Saturday. The annoying thing is that today is fine with showers, so it would be nice to be out there, rather than at work!

In good news we have had some great nights with the dogs in the garage - Sunday and Monday nights they slept right through. This morning there was a couple of barks at 3.30 am and Rupes went out and brought them inside - but we think that we should have left them as he thought that Toby might just have been dreaming!

Had a lovely night on Saturday for my Dad's 70th birthday - limo ride via my stepsisters house to a really nice restaurant (mmm my dinner was divine) then back in the limo to Dad's place for the surprise desserts and champagne party with their friends. Good fun - happy birthday Dad, you don't look a day over 65! Always fun as I got to hang out with my stepsister's twin girls - 8 years old and an absolute delight. They took great pleasure working off their chocolate rush by beating up Rupert with a few balloons!

Rupes and I are off to Queenstown in September - am very excited as neither of us have been there before. September is our 10 year anniversary, as well as our 8 year wedding anniversary, so we've been looking at lots of websites to decide what to do down there. I'm leaning towards the Shotover Jet, a day in Arrowtown, and perhaps a sightseer day pass on Coronet Peak to play in the snow. Five days away - it's going to be fabulous! We got cheap flights ages ago, and are using our credit card points for accomodation, so I think a couple of treats are in order - maybe a really nice dinner? Lots of wine? Our first holiday in 2 years, which is a very scary thought.

Hope all are well out there in internetland! In the spirit of the Olympics (8 medals so far for New Zealand, go the Kiwis) I thought you might enjoy this video


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