Sunday, August 31, 2008

Feel the fear...

I did, and did it anyway! For Rupes' birthday a group of us went out to Woodhill Forest to Tree Adventures. Safety harnesses, clips and pulleys, and a helmet. A short training session and off we went. It was fun. And it was a beautiful day which helped - each of the courses had a variety of challenges, from the ladder up, to the various ways of getting from tree to tree. And then finishing with a flying fox (how did I manage to land on my backside four times in a row?) A few moments of frozen panic and one where I needed Rupes to rescue me (I got stuck and couldn't stretch far enough to grab the next rope). So, good fun and a few tired folks.

In other news, this has been our first fine weekend in months. It was just wonderful to see the sunshine, and I had a few quiet hours in the garden this morning. Much in need of some work and a lot of weeding ahead of me, but it was lovely to be out there and warm.

Aside from that, nothing much else to report. We are off to Queenstown in two weeks for a wee holiday, five days down there, and Rupes' cousin arrives next weekend to stay with us for a while. Should be fun - I hope she likes dogs!


Blogger Topcat said...

Pix you will LOVE Queenstown, it's bloody awesome.

I am so glad you are all better now ... how badly does it m*thfcking suck, to be so sick.

And the sun has come back to us again! So glad you are getting some too! Yee-hah!! XOXOXOXOXO

5:24 PM  
Blogger The Broken Man said...

I did a high ropes course (which sounds pretty similar to your tree thing) a while ago, and although I'm not great with heights, I really enjoyed it! Glad you have a good time.

The Broken Man

12:00 AM  

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